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How Improving General Athleticism Makes You Better at Your Sport?

Some of us are gifted to play various sports. There are people who are “naturally athletic”, they have great genetics.  Others acquire skills quickly and at a young age to excel (part of this also has a genetic foundation).  For example, Lionel Messi’s sons could be great at football (soccer) when they grow up since […]

What Sport Specific Training Really Means

Training is an essential part of every athlete who wants to enhance his performance in his chosen sports. That being the case, sport-specific training has become a popular tagline for enhancing sports ​performance. There is a trend these days for kids to start specializing in one sport at an earlier age than ever.  Many parents […]

Does Strength Equal Speed?

One of the things about our program is that we are a movement program first and foremost, which means, while other Sports performance facilities turn to weights first, we turn to movement first. Sometimes weights supplements movement, sometimes weight training does not. We want to build strong athletes. We also want to build fast and […]

Bodyweight might not be the best starting point

There is a reason Gymnastics is NOT easy. Bodyweight exercises can be extremely hard, depending on an athletes starting point.  Agree?  Disagree?  Me too!  I agree and disagree.  Kind of odd statement but true.  On one hand I see the merit in doing bodyweight exercises to positively influence correct patterns of movement through control of […]

Top Ten List to Be Ready for Game Day

The day before a game make sure you are well hydrated.  Hydration starts days before game day.  No need for sugary sports drinks, water is the best! The night before pack your bag of all your kit Make sure you have your jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards, cleats, ball/stick and water bottle! Have extra shoelaces, […]

How a growth mindset helps build great athletes.

We see certain athletes that can get through numerous obstacles, but how are they doing that? What allows them to work through practices, failures, learn new skills and continue to grow? It all comes back to their mindset, and mentally how they are working through these obstacles. There are also those athletes that are incredibly […]

Athletes need resiliency; here’s how to build it

One of the traits of legendary athletes is that they usually had to overcome multiple obstacles along the way. That ability to overcome setbacks is part of the trait we call resiliency. As a parent or coach, you can take steps to help athletes develop this quality. After all, you know they will need it eventually. […]

Stop It “Guru’s”

Stop it! Please, just stop!  To social media training gurus, movement ninjas, and speed wizards, in youth training; You’re doing yourself and so many young athletes a disservice. Hurting kids. Ruining athleticism. You’re embarrassing a profession. It needs to stop. One can’t look at social media without seeing it. The cool looking video clip with […]