The Parisi Youth Sports Training System is our proprietary methodology that has proven results for youth from age 7 to 18 and beyond. The following programming is included in the Parisi Youth Sports Training System:

  • Jump Start – Focused on young athletes from ages 7 – 12, this small group program sets the foundation for success in any sport by focusing on speed, agility, and overall coordination.
  • Total Performance – Focused on athletes from ages 12-15, this small group program focuses on the techniques used in speed, agility, and strength to maximize improvements in athletic performance.
  • Elite Sports Performance – Focused on athletes from ages 13 – 22, this small group program transitions Total Performance athletes to their next level of ability and focuses on the regression and progression of our signature sports performance methods.
  • PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) – Focused on the elite athlete of all ages, this individualized coaching program focuses on individual needs, goals, and improvements needed to complete in his/her specific sport at a competitive level.