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Pyramid of Sport Performance

There is a proposed pyramid of sports development from 2002 which is often overlooked by many athletes, coaches and parents.  This hierarchy sets the precedent for the development of any athlete and it is often overlooked. Sport, or excellence in and focusing on, is the culmination of having all the levels of the pyramid below […]


Today’s standard American diet, is a diet deficient in some of the essential nutrients necessary for proper bodily function, athletic performance and recovery, one of those nutrients being protein.  Adequate protein intake is essential for athlete to make sure they have the necessary building blocks to recover and adapt to the stimuli put on them […]

Knee info you Kneed to Know!

Proper biomechanics and strength in movements are crucial in prevention of injury.  Knee injuries are common in sport, including injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in both males and females, however, females have a higher degree of susceptability to this injury due to their proportionately wider hips, increased Q-angles, and diminished hip strength.  One […]