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Role Models

Nike has never been afraid of controversy in their advertisements.  Throughout the years, they have produced some provocative, and thought provoking ads.  One of the first ones I can recall was back in 1993 and featured Sir Charles Barkley, the infamous, I am not a Role Model Campaign. Kids look up to professional athletes for […]

Why EAA’s are Essential To Enhancing Your Performance

Protein is essential for life.  It is even more essential if you are partaking in any type of exercise.  Protein helps your body recover from exercise. So even runners should consume protein pre-run and post run, to conserve muscle tissue so it doesn’t break down.  Protein by itself, is not anabolic, build muscle, however, with […]

Creating a Movement!

There are many programs which offer sports specific training, but what makes Parisi Speed School stand out and rise to the top?  Because by not focusing on sports, and focusing on athleticism, we make athletes better at the sport of their choosing. Athletic development doesn’t come down to how much someone benches or squats, or […]

Lifting Weights will stunt your growth!?

You may have heard the old wives tale that lifting weights as a child will stunt your growth.  Unfortunately, this myth, has been ingrained in many parents head, and is entirely false, and potentially harmful.  There has been no scientific study which has validated this premise, however, many studies, showing the great benefit resistance training […]