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Is Youth Strength Training Safe?

Youth Strength Training Safety Is resistance training safe for youth athletes?  It’s an important question for every coach and parent. The bad news… You still hear the myths. Weight training will stunt your growth.  It will make athletes muscle-bound.  It is dangerous for youth athletes. The good news… It’s safe and effective. We’ve seen it […]

6 Ways to Build Confidence in Young Athletes

Confidence In order for youth athletes to make it to an elite level, they have to have talent, dedication and the drive to work hard and improve their skills. While ability and work ethic are very important skills for athletes to develop, the one skill that sets elite athletes apart is confidence. By improving one’s […]

Discover the Secret Used to Build Great Athletes

The world’s leading sports organizations have spent decades and millions of dollars to discover the formula to build great athletes. At No Risk, we know the awesome, positive aspects of youth sports participation. It can help athletes develop a fit lifestyle, learn to work hard and build a growth mindset. Like you, we believe in […]

Get Faster- By Using Your Arms More!

Want to get faster? Maybe you need to change the focus away from moving your legs faster and start to think about moving your arms faster. Many people think the secret to sprinting and getting faster, is they need to have powerful legs, however, while the legs are important, how powerful the arm swing is, […]

Ten Tips for Improving Athlete Performance

1. Sleep! There is no better performance enhancer than sleep. There is nothing that will help compensate for a loss of sleep. Three nights of sub 6 hour sleep in a row, adds up to the detrimental effect of one sleepless night. Sleep hours is the biggest predictor of injury rates in High School athletes […]

Slow makes you slow

Many times we hear from parents that they want their young athlete to get in shape for their primary sport season, so they are going to have them run Cross Country. STOP. Let’s rethink this. Training Slow, which is what Cross Country running is, will only get you slow. Training slow, is great, if you […]

Why You Need A Certified Speed and Agility Coach

At No Risk Sports Performance, we work to develop better athletes. Better athletes are generally faster, stronger, and more agile. We have had some good athletes walk in the door. They were even better when they walked out. How do we do this? What we do is more than just running athletes through poorly executed […]

Box Jumps- A potent training tool when done correctly

Box jumps are an explosive hip driven movement which have a lot of carry over to sports. It is a full body movement as in the upward phase of the jump the core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and even arms are engaged to propel yourself onto the box. Coordinating these muscles helps develop lower body […]

Plate Push Finishers

We love ending classes with Plate Pushes! Why do we love them so much? It is an easy, safe and effective way to increase your competitive prowess   Plate Push Finishers and their variations are arguably one of the best ways to challenge specific energy systems and encourage teamwork, creativity and competitiveness. Some of their […]