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Episode 10: Interview with Sports Performance Guru Lee Taft

Sports Performance Guru Lee Taft, the Speed Guy is on today’s episode.  He talks about the commonalities between training professional athletes versus youth athletes, his top 5 drills, the place of sports performance in today’s competitive sports environment, and when he feels athletes should choose to focus on one sport.  He also talks about his […]

Three Keys to Success With Tim Vagen

Tim Vagen is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has over 40 years of clinical, field, and teaching experience. He helps athletes, trainers, and Physical Therapists to be better educated in movement skills Moreover, his programs have produced 17 Olympic Medals, Multiple World Records, US National Figure skating champions, multiple US national Swim Champions, […]

Three Keys to Success With Jae Taft

Jae Taft is the founder of Us Girls Basketball. She is a former collegiate basketball player and current basketball coach. Outside of developing young basketball players in Florida, Jae has developed Recruiting System 101, a product which helps high school athletes decipher the collegiate recruiting journey and process. She offers us her three keys to […]

Episode 6: Jae Taft, Us Girls Basketball, Building Off Court and On Court Skills.

Episode 6 Jae Taft is the founder of Us Girls Basketball.  Jae is a former collegiate basketball player, and current basketball coach who talks to us about the importance of developing both on court skills as well as off the court skills and how off the court makes you better on the court.  She offers […]