D-fense is the best offense!

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, the quality of sunlight is lessening, and kids are inside most days at school when the sun is out.  Welcome to Fall/Winter in the Northeast, and the likelihood, without supplementation, sub-optimal levels of Vitamin deficiencies in Vitamin D will occur. Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin […]


Today’s standard American diet, is a diet deficient in some of the essential nutrients necessary for proper bodily function, athletic performance and recovery, one of those nutrients being protein.  Adequate protein intake is essential for athlete to make sure they have the necessary building blocks to recover and adapt to the stimuli put on them […]

Knee info you Kneed to Know!

Proper biomechanics and strength in movements are crucial in prevention of injury.  Knee injuries are common in sport, including injuries to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in both males and females, however, females have a higher degree of susceptability to this injury due to their proportionately wider hips, increased Q-angles, and diminished hip strength.  One […]

Why EAA’s are Essential To Enhancing Your Performance

Protein is essential for life.  It is even more essential if you are partaking in any type of exercise.  Protein helps your body recover from exercise. So even runners should consume protein pre-run and post run, to conserve muscle tissue so it doesn’t break down.  Protein by itself, is not anabolic, build muscle, however, with […]

Creating a Movement!

There are many programs which offer sports specific training, but what makes Parisi Speed School stand out and rise to the top?  Because by not focusing on sports, and focusing on athleticism, we make athletes better at the sport of their choosing. Athletic development doesn’t come down to how much someone benches or squats, or […]