When should a Youth Athlete start a Strength and Conditioning program and what’s appropriate?

Truth is, there’s no specific age recommendation for a child to start resistance training, however once a child is able to follow directions and process information it is believed that a child is ready to begin training. This coincides with the start of organized sports, which usually occurs at the age of 6-8. As both […]

Why Proper Arm Action Is So Important for Speed

Often times when athletes want to get stronger or faster, their training plan focuses on lifting weights and running sprint after sprint. While of course strength training and conditioning does help athletes improve their performance, that alone will not get them faster. In order to improve speed, you must first know how to move. Incorrect running […]

Core Strength Impacts Athlete Agility

One of the tenets of our training system is enhancing an athlete’s agility. By improving their change of direction ability, we not only make faster and more dynamic athletes, but we also promote injury resilience. Besides ensuring proper biomechanics in the athletes movement, we also must focus on strength. In order to be the most […]


Position of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) “After reviewing the scientific and medical literature in this area, the International Society of Sports Nutrition concludes the following in terms of creatine supplementation as the official Position of the Society: Creatine monohydrate is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes with the […]

Pyramid of Sport Performance

There is a proposed pyramid of sports development from 2002 which is often overlooked by many athletes, coaches and parents.  This hierarchy sets the precedent for the development of any athlete and it is often overlooked. Sport, or excellence in and focusing on, is the culmination of having all the levels of the pyramid below […]