Preventing Knee Injury in Youth Athletes

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin One of the most common injuries youth athletes, with females having a 4-6 time greater susceptibility, are knee and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. These injuries are detrimental both mentally and physically to any athlete and they have the potential to sideline an […]

Plyometric Training

What is Plyometric training? Plyometric training is the name involved for the one tool in the development of a well rounded athlete which involves the usage of jumps, hops, bounds, and/or skips. Plyometrics makes use of the stretch-shortening cycle of muscles (an active stretch of a muscle followed by an immediate shortening of that same muscle), and typically involves […]

The Youth Physical Development Model: What To Expect & When

Children are constantly growing both mentally and physically. There have probably been times when your child walks in the room and you swear they have grown five inches overnight.  There is a common misconception out there that speed and/or strength training at an early age may be harmful to children’s growth and development, when in […]

Breaking Bad! Building Good Nutritional Habits For Your Young Athlete (And You)

You have a son or daughter and they play sports. And since you do love them and want the best for them, you’ve decided to do everything in your power to help them succeed. You’ve enrolled them at a Parisi Speed School to ensure they get the highest quality speed and strength training. You’ve found […]

What does Sports Specific Training Really Mean? Why we train the athlete first and sport second!

Sports specific training isn’t doing an agility ladder followed by kicking a ball or catching a ball…. Sports Specific training isn’t grabbing a bat or stick with bands attached to it and swinging away…. Sports specific training isn’t always  what’s flashy on social media…. A properly educated strength and conditioning coach will conduct a needs […]

Strength and Conditioning in the High School Athlete

Last week, we discussed when it is appropriate for an athlete to start a strength and conditioning program. The older the athlete gets the more serious they become in their sport and those athletes that are stronger and faster begin to separate themselves from the pack. Our experience with high school athletes in Massachusetts, and […]

When should a Youth Athlete start a Strength and Conditioning program and what’s appropriate?

Truth is, there’s no specific age recommendation for a child to start resistance training, however once a child is able to follow directions and process information it is believed that a child is ready to begin training. This coincides with the start of organized sports, which usually occurs at the age of 6-8. As both […]