Three Keys to Success With Tim Vagen

Tim Vagen is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has over 40 years of clinical, field, and teaching experience. He helps athletes, trainers, and Physical Therapists to be better educated in movement skills

Moreover, his programs have produced 17 Olympic Medals, Multiple World Records, US National Figure skating champions, multiple US national Swim Champions, a US Open Tennis Champion, and many state champion high school athletes.

He’s indeed a successful person in the Sports World! How did he pave his way to success?

Let’s delve into the main keys to his success!

1. Communication with yourself

Communication with other people is important, but communication with yourself is more important.

How are you going to help people if you don’t understand yourself?

If you understand yourself, you can also understand and help other people.

“Honest communication with yourself is so important to be successful because you have to realize that we’re not all-purpose. There are areas that we can’t.”

2. Know the basics

Remember that we always start from the basics. Whether it is learning, training, and other things.

Skipping the basics also means defying having a foundation for what you are doing.

“If you can’t do the basics, the way they’re meant to be done, you’re not going to be able to do anything.”

3. Ability to adapt

“Great communication, being able to do basics, and within all of those, you’ll be able to adapt.”

With communication and foundation, you can adapt to anything. Whether it’d be learning, training, or relationship.