Three Keys to Success With Jae Taft

Jae Taft is the founder of Us Girls Basketball. She is a former collegiate basketball player and current basketball coach.

Outside of developing young basketball players in Florida, Jae has developed Recruiting System 101, a product which helps high school athletes decipher the collegiate recruiting journey and process.

She offers us her three keys to success, which will hopefully inspire you to be a successful athlete and a successful person.

1. Have Faith in God

As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason.

You might be facing a difficult part of your life right now. But soon, you’ll know why it’s happening and why it must happen.

We may be planning good things for ourselves. But remember that He has better plans.

“He’s brought me through so many trials in my life and is bringing me to (like) the point where I want it to be.”

2. Be with the Community

You’ll enjoy doing things when you have people rooting for you!

Being with people who support and cheer you is the best feeling to keep moving and reaching your goal.

“My success level has gone up because I have people who genuinely care. And they want me to succeed, they know my heart, my goals, and they’re there to be your cheerleader. Also, they’re being bold with you and tell you where you need to get better at or where you can grow.”

3. Accepting Failure

Every successful person has gone through sets of failures. And even if they’re already successful, failure never disappears.

Yet, this never stopped them from being successful.

Every failure has lessons. Accepting these failures means improving yourself and being better. 

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