Slow makes you slow

Many times we hear from parents that they want their young athlete to get in shape for their primary sport season, so they are going to have them run Cross Country.

STOP. Let’s rethink this.

Training Slow, which is what Cross Country running is, will only get you slow. Training slow, is great, if you want to be a Cross Country, or distance runner. If you want to excel at any other sport, you need to train for speed.

Training for speed is entirely different than the above. To train for speed takes years. To train for speed means shifting muscle fiber types from intermediate fibers to a fiber with fast twitch fiber. Running at slower speeds does the opposite, it shifts intermediate fibers to slow twitch fibers.

To get an athlete in shape, i.e. improve their conditioning or fitness takes a few weeks. A solid 3-4 week pre-season of a conditioning program based on the energy dynamics of their sports will get an athlete fit. Months of long distance running will get an athlete aerobically fit, but progressively slower, and potentially unfit for their sport, since most sports utilize a different energy system than seen with distance running.

How can we increase speed?

  1. Sprint 
  2. Improve technique 
  3. Increase Strength
  4. Increase Power 
  5. Improve Mobility 

How can we increase conditioning/fitness

  1. Sprinting
  2. Sled Pushes
  3. Plyometrics
  4. Insert countless exercises here

Want to get your young athlete in peak physical form for the start of the season? Give us 8 weeks, and we will get them where they need to be!

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