Plate Push Finishers

We love ending classes with Plate Pushes! Why do we love them so much? It is an easy, safe and effective way to increase your competitive prowess  

Plate Push Finishers and their variations are arguably one of the best ways to challenge specific energy systems and encourage teamwork, creativity and competitiveness.

Some of their benefits include

  • Engage every muscle in the body.
  • Mimic a foundational movement pattern of humans – crawling
  • Strengthen the core
  • Force ankle mobility
  • Manipulate and force shoulder stability
  • Develop wrist, grip and forearm strength.
  • Activate the glutes
  • Teach the proper form for knee drive for sprinting and acceleration
  • Help you fight fatigue when running.
  • Boost lower-body endurance.

You can incorporate these into any sports specific drill. how about a 20-30 foot plate push, pick up a ball and shoot a basket or kick a soccer ball? Tons of applications you can perform with this extremely functional move.

They can be performed on any smooth surface that you can move a plate on. Beware though, the more friction, the harder the drill is. If you want guidance on how to take your sports performance training to the next level, email us and let us know.

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