Explosive Athlete Program

What is an explosive athlete? An explosive athlete is one which dominates on the field. They are strong, explosive and have solid conditioning. They also are well protected from injury.

Where do we tend to see explosive athletes? Explosive athletes are those athletes who play multi sports. The exposure to a multitude of sports, sports demands and sports skills all help this athlete develop into the complete athlete they are, however, the game field is not the only place you will see the explosive athlete.

The explosive athlete knows that training is necessary for the demands of their sports. The training program is all inclusive. First and foremost, the program ensures proper movement patterns for changing direction, speeding up, slowing down, making cuts, jumping and landing. The program focuses on building a solid athletic foundation for all the sport specific skills to be built around not upon. The program adds in strength work and builds up the resistance loads progressively, with a focus on form not intensity. The program has plyometric training to help athletes increase their power. The program ensures its athletes have a solid core and know how to use their core in the transfer of power through the body, maximizing their effectiveness on the field.

Welcome to the program at the Parisi Speed School of RI at No Risk Sports Performance. Our program is an all inclusive program focusing on all foundational elements of building the best athlete each individual can be.

It is never too late to get started building your athletic foundation!

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