Top Five Supplements For Health

While eating a nutrient dense diet full of lean meats, colorful vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats , and sleeping 8 hours a day are the easiest ways to improve your health and athletic performance, the market is inundated with claims from supplement manufacturers about products that will make you healthier, faster and stronger.  Why waste valuable dollars on bogus products! For Brand recommendations, LabDoor usually does a good job with ranking, however, my go to brands are Garden of Life, NOW, Ascent, Stronger Faste

Note: I don’t include protein supplementation here as that is assumed that every athlete is getting adequate protein consumption in their diet.  If you are not eat more lean protein or supplement!

Here is my top 5 supplements list! ()

  1. Multi-Vitamin: Getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat today is difficult.  Our diet lacks variety, and eve if, the nature of our farming practices has reduced the quality of the soil which grows our food.  The vegetables of today do not pack the punch yesteryears vegetables. We can aid this by adding in a multi-vitamin. Buyer beware though.  Not all multis are the same. Many companies look for the cheapest ingredients for their formulas to maximize profits. Look for a formulation which the body can absorb!
  2. Vitamin D: It’s more than just a vitamin.  Naturally, we get this from the sun, however, many of us lack adequate sun exposure due to sunscreen, work and living where we do.  All of this prevents optimizing our levels of this essential component. Over 60% of the US population could be vitamin D deficient, increasing risk of cancer, mental illness and heart disease.  A daily dose of 2000-4000 IU’s is safe and should be enough to bring your Vitamin D levels to an optimal level of 35-50 ng/ml. I recommend 1 drop Carlsons Liquid 4000 IU Drops daily
  3. Probiotic: A healthy you means a healthy intestinal flora.  Unfortunately, unless you eat fermented foods, and never have taken an antibiotic, chances are your gut could use some help.  The microbiome in your intestines is the first line of defense of your immune system and keeps you healthy! The stronger and more diverse your gut, the healthier you are, and it even could mean weight loss!  Look for a probiotic with as diverse a culture as possible.
  4. Fish Oil: Fish Oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which naturally alleviate inflammation.  OMega 3 supplementation benefits depression, ADHD, triglyceride levels, and baby development.  Its the two major omega 3’s, EPA and DHA, in fish oil that you are after. Focus on the amounts of these two fatty acids and don’t be fooled by bottles marketing of high doses of fish oil. Look at labels for serving size and amounts of EPA/DHA to get 2 grams of these O3’s daily.  Brand recommendations Stronger Faster Healthier Capsules (we sell at gym)  
  5. Creatine:THE safest supplement with the MOST benefits for the CHEAPEST PRICE, and not just for the gym rat.  Creatine has been shown to benefit athletic performance however recent studies have shown that creatine has value in alleviating symptoms of neurodegenerative, vascular and muscular disorders, along with improving bone health. It also protects your brain and improves cognitive function.  For pennies a day, it seems silly to not add it to your daily regimen, regardless of who you are. To alleviate concerns of weight gain only take 2-3 grams a day.

These are general recommendations, and as with any changes to diet and supplementation, it is wise to consult a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner.  

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